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Examples of my work
Video Production Portfolio

There may be no better way to communicate what I do than through examples of my work. As you browse these films, please look at the overall filming and editing quality, the creative style which is unique to each filmmaker... please apply this to your own idea and see if we could be a good match for your next project.

Conosco (IT Support, IT Consulting and IT Security)

Conosco (IT Support, IT Consulting and IT Security)

Corporate Video Client: Conosco - IT services (Technology, Security, Communications) Video Production: Tailored Media Cameras: Arri Alexa Mini LF Editing: Premiere Pro + After Effects + DaVinci Overview: Corporate video production example that we made for an outstanding digital IT company - specialised in IT Support, IT Consulting and IT Security. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Conosco team, a really professional team of experts in their field, super friendly as well. We wanted to approach a classic case study (corporate video) with a more cinematic look and feel. Threading the narrative with four interviews in 2 minutes... Using slow motion 24p on the latest ARRI Alexa Mini LF (large format camera), using some vintage 70s Zuiko lenses designed primarily for journalism work on SLR cameras. For the audio we applied a vintage ribbon sound FX (and warm valve sound) VST plugins... Huge thanks to the team of filmmakers and editors working on this project with us. It was a fun few hours filming and a great experience overall. Thank you Conosco, and thank you team TM. Tailored Media is a video production company based in the UK working internationally, we specialise in filming, editing and animation services (including corporate, commercial, branded content and documentary video production). For any information please contact: +44 (0) 20 8301 8420
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