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Freelance Filmmaker London

I work regularly as freelancer filmmaker london and consultant for Global agencies and Brands. My focus in on bringing the maximum number of views for any given project and to create beautiful as well as functional films - the message needs to be clear as well as creative. Viewers are smart and they like to be challenged by interesting content that keeps them entertained and informed at the same time. My role as consultant is to look at a brief and come up with a creative treatment that highlights the main points. Part of my responsibility as a filmmaker is to present to the client the best creative options, both in terms of ideas and technology (or kit) to be used. Every story requires a particular style and format, and every style and format requires specific kit. I will suggest options for kit, crew, and creative approaches for the client to chose from. More than often a client will come with their own suggestions, like a list of videos they liked, or a script they drafted, or even a rough idea of what they would like to achieve with their film, and that is a very good point to start. Please find more details about me and my work on this site. Let's get creative on your next project. 

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