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Privacy Policy - GDPR

Who I am:

I am a freelance filmmaker in London working with a variety of agencies, brands and organisations - and as such I am devoted to maintaining the trust and confidence of my visitors to my web site. I want you to know therefore that I am not interested in selling, lending or trading email details with other companies and businesses for their marketing needs. My only aim is in creating great video content (commercials, corporate, branded content video) and helping my clients have a great experience on my website, so I don’t do that sort of privacy breach thing. But just in case you don’t believe me, in this Privacy Policy, I have provided the kind of information supporting the above. 


Why I collect your personal data, how I may use it, the limited situations under which I may disclose it to third parties and how I keep it all safe and secure. Get cosy, grab a coffee and read ahead…


What Data do I collect?

My website is a website:

Here is some information on how WIX processes information and private data:


My site does NOT collect any cookies whatsoever – so if you’re looking for cookies to munch on, there's nothing here I'm afraid.

Google Analytics:

When someone visits I use a third party sofware, Google Analytics, to collect standard internet data of visitor behaviour on my site. I only do this to find out useful things like the number of clicks, and where the clicks were done on my site... This data is only used in an anonymous way. I do not make, and do not give permission to third party software like Analytics,  to find out the identities of visitors or clients visiting my site.


Mailing Lists:

I do not use mailing lists. Full stop. I don't find them as good as gettign in touch with clients directly. I would rather write bespoke emails to my clients than doing a mass email out. Not for me... However, should I ever desire to send out newsletters, it would only happen if you have given me your permission to do so.  There are several providers out there that deliver newsletters. They do keep track of clicks and activity on their newsletters etc, again anonymously. I would most likely use MailChimp.  For more info on how they process data please see MailChimp’s privacy notice. You can unsubscribe from automated newsletters at any time by clicking 'unsubscribe' at the bottom of of the newsletters, or you can write to me to tell me directly to remove you:


Holding and storing data and Third Parties:

I do not share any personal data I collect through analytics or any other third party means, everything is secure and private and only for my internal requirements. All your data will be housed within my mail box, gmail powered.  I use services found in the G-Suite. Here are Google’s own privacy policies here and here


Sometimes personal information becomes useful to a video production company in a call sheet, this will only be shared with other crews or clients who are specifically linked to the project and would be on set for filming. This information is held temporarily for the duration of the project. It does not consist of anything else than phone numbers and email address usually. If any other information is required it would be notified in advance. I also get release forms signed by any participants during the filming. 


Accessing personal information:

Of course you can view, change, or remove the your information that I keep. Email your requirements to me and I will definitely take care of that for you:

Changes to this privacy notice:

Please rest reassured that I review this Privacy Policy every year and that any new laws and regulations in the Personal Data Privacy Policy domain will be implemented.

This Policy was edited on 24/05/2018 and will be looked at again in detail and revised where required on 24/05/2019.

For any questions of further detail required, please write to Maximilian White, Freelance Filmmaker: