Kit available for hire

(additional gear available on request - GET A QUOTE)

- Canon C300 mkii - Cinema 4K RAW 12bit - Slow motion

- Canon CN-E Lenses (14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm t1.5)

- Follow Focus (DJI remote) + thumb controller PD Movie 

- PDMovie Thumb Focus Controller

- Freefly MOVI Pro Gimbal + 6 batteries

- EasyRig Steadycam setup

- Odyssey RAW 4k external recorder monitor

- Slider 1.5m + 1m

- Shoulder Rig

- 3 x tripods

- Portable Dolly + Jib

- Client Monitor (SmallHD 701 Bright)

- Paralinx Arrow Wireless transmitter/receiver HD

- Zoom h6n audio recorder

- Shotgun mic Sennheiser mkh50

- Directional mic RODE NTG3

- Boom 4 metres

- 2 x Radio mics Sennheiser G3

- Matt Box 4x4 + selection of ND lee filters + polariser

- 6 lights + stands x LED 1x1 Bi-color + V-lock batteries

- Portable white screen + black screen

- Laptop 15" macbook pro retina

- Photography camera Canon 5D mkiii

- L Series Photography lenses (24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8, 11-16 f2.8)

- GoPro Hero 5+

- DJI Osmo + 6 batteries + 2 chargers + ND filters + car mount 

- Portable Trolley to carry things around effortlessly

- Production SUV Vehicle

- Vast Network of Camera Assistants, Make-up artists, Lighting Assistants etc

HIRE a DoP - Director - Cameraman

I work with high end cinema cameras like RED and Arri and Canon's cinema line.

I have a very creative eye and sense of composition, with an understanding of how to work around difficult situations and how to make the most out of challenging scenarios. I like to work based on scripts or even improvising (ad-lib). When I direct interviews I look for the most natural answers and soundbites that inspire + the most convincing performance possible form the talent. I employ a variety of techniques to achieve that. When I look for beautiful imagery I like natural organic look as well as more complex cinematography and lighting situations. I own a vast array of lighting equipment with gels and diffusers for that extra texture. I have a team of regular assistant cameramen I like to work with and this is handy for larger projects. I am freelance filmmaker london.