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Social Media Videos

I directed a film for Chivas and it got 450.000 views in a few days. This is the power social media video marketing. Brand Videos for businesses who want to reach more audiences. It's super important to re-think the way videos should be made. Staggering statistics show that most people watch their videos on mobile phones... some may think high resolution video is still a bit of an overkill for that reason... but what if your film does go viral and people like to watch it and share it on bigger and bigger screens... with smart UHD TV sets etc... It still feels like the way forward is 4k - 6k - 8k... Other interesting statistic is that over 60% of films are watch muted on the tube, in the office etc... making audio a big challenge. Subtitles come in handy. Definitely consider adding subtitles burned in for your Facebook and Twitter versions... or as CC for Youtube. This is becoming a must. And finally the actual structure of your films. They need a strong 10-15 second intro that tells your viewers what the video is going to be about. Or tease them with a captivating build up to keep them interested. A recommended length is 30 to 90 seconds... but there is a resurgence of much longer films... this very much depends on the brief and the target audience. Something to chat about with the client. The important thing is to create a strong clear intro. Within a few seconds viewers will decide if they want to keep watching. Good luck with your next social media video production. Freelance filmmaker London