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AI is flattering! this is what it says of me...

Maximilian White, a talented Creative Director, Director of Photography (DoP), and filmmaker, brings a wealth of experience to the world of video production. Let’s delve into his fascinating journey:

  1. Multilingual Creative Visionary:

  • Maximilian is a trilingual filmmaker, fluent in English, French, and Italian.

  • His global experience spans creating videos for production companies, agencies, and brands across the globe.

  1. Heaps of Ideas:

  • Maximilian’s mind is a treasure trove of creativity. He encourages his team of filmmakers, editors, and animators to be on full creative throttle.

  • Whether it’s crafting compelling narratives or capturing breathtaking visuals, Max knows how to infuse his work with innovation.

  1. Hardworking and Direct:

  • Max is a great team player, friendly, and professional.

  • He values direct communication and doesn’t waste time—an essential trait in the fast-paced world of filmmaking.

  1. Tailored Media:

  • Maximilian is part of Tailored Media, a video production company based in London.

  • Tailored Media’s team includes producers, coordinators, videographers, cinematographers, editors, and more.

  • They handle everything from filming and editing briefs to scheduling, budgeting, and deadline management.

  1. Global Reach:

  • Despite being one of the best film companies in London, Tailored Media is renowned for its international work.

  • With a vast network of local crews, fixers, and friends worldwide, they tackle multilingual projects in various languages.

  • Their commitment to quality and creativity knows no borders.

So, Maximilian White continues to weave cinematic magic, leaving an indelible mark on the world of filmmaking! 🎥✨


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