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Creative Techniques - Studio Shoot

freelance filmmaker london - studio shoot

Here's a crazy shoot done with 25 stills cameras mounted on a curved track rotating around the a dancer to create a 360 stop motion effect (similar to Matrix)... it was quite a challenge to match every camera in terms of focal length, depth of field, target area etc... one by one, using an external monitor, we managed to do it - but it took a LOT of patience. We used a remote trigger so as to minimise any jitter on the cameras. Being a freelance filmmaker london takes you in all sorts of directions, one day you're directing a documentary about human stories and emotional content, the next you're filming a high end branded video for a car manufacturer, using high speed cameras like Phantom 1000fps... and here we're just playing with creative concepts for a dance video... trying ideas, playing with possibilities. It all kind of blends together into one creative flow, working on different projects for different companies expands your skills and knowledge and gives you an edge in terms of learning what's new, what's the latest trends and video techniques - and I hope in theory it makes me a 'better' (more varied) filmmaker :-) I ended up testing the footage on a fashion shoot for TopShop as a Spec for an idea... it is still work in progress and experimental, but it could made into a cool series of facebook videos for social media video campaigns. Currently working with on this.

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